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Every image shot through the eyes of a drone is an invitation to explore the world. Join the adventure.

Welcome to SkyTestReport, a sky home dedicated to drone enthusiasts and professional photographers. I am Alex, the founder of this website, a creative photographer with an infinite love for the sky. Ever since drone technology gave us a whole new perspective on capturing the world from the air, I’ve been obsessed with this small but powerful tool.

SkyTestReport is my laboratory and a platform for sharing drone photography experiences and techniques. Here, I will share with you my flight logs, photography, and various drone equipment reviews. Rapid advances in drone technology have revolutionized the way we record the world, and SkyTestReport is dedicated to documenting this change while helping others reach new heights with drone photography.

From basic flight operations to advanced photography techniques, from equipment reviews to best practices in shooting environments, I am passionate about exploring all possibilities. I hope that through my experience sharing, you can master your drone safely and efficiently and create amazing creations. Amazing work. Let’s fly together over the stunning mountains, rivers and seas, explore the detailed beauty of the city, and record the unique experiences of each flight.

Let’s ignite the passion for the sky and expand the wings of creativity together at SkyTestReport!

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